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Founded in 2005, Puretalentgroup is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in recruitment and business development. We focus on exceptional talents, faster growth, and enabling the best possible output for our clients.

The best team and top leaders create the basis for success in a rapidly changing corporate world. We boast an extensive track record in the development of first-rate teams and the targeted staffing of key positions for global American companies in the areas of global tech, life sciences, and medical technology. 

Individual business development services support fast and successful market development. 
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Why Boutique - The distinctive feature that wins

> You require a partner who in unison with you defines the maximum level of quality for your specific project
> Expertise and market knowledge – a partner who is on eye level with your business leaders and top talents
> Successfully reaching the goal with tactfulness – strategic, systematic, and tactical approach to the project

We see ourselves as a sleek, fast and an agile alternative to top international consulting firms. The added value of a boutique lies in the combination of the quality of the consultants, the track record, the proximity to the market, and absolute independence. 


Christian Kropf

"A player talent strive for unique opportunities. Visions, goals, company culture and the possibilities to create impact have to become noticeable.

Only this way do we inspire top talents and help our clients hire the best of the best.
A targeted and focused boutique approach can make all the difference."

Christian Kropf, Managing Partner & Senior Consultant



> Recruitment 
01 Executive Search
02 Managed Recruitment Projects - Sales, GTM, Leadership
03 Interim Professionals in EMEA - Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources 

> Management Consulting
01 Strategic Talent Acquisition
02 Strategy Consulting Sales, Business Development, Go-to-Market
03 Competitive Intelligence 

A World of Opportunities.
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Unleash the full potential of your organization.

Christian Kropf

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